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I’m a material girl

If one of your NY resolutions, like mine is every single year, was to start making more of your own clothes, then you must must must look at

It’s full of wonderful lovely things such as vintage patterns, vintage buttons, inspiration packs and vintage materials. I totally love the inspiration packs – that give you a selection of goodies and ideas of what to make with them.

The site is a little untidy and could be easier to navigate, but all in all it’s a really wonderful find.

Here are some of the gorgeous vintage materials for sale now:


High high, high soci, high society

If you haven’t seen the film High Society then, quite frankly, I’m ashamed of you.

It’s full of the absolutely most beautiful clothes you will ever see – all worn by Grace Kelly, possibly the most beautiful lady ever.

One of the loveliest pieces in the film is the super chic swimming costume that Grace wears. If you’re as obsessed with the film as I am, you’ll be cheering when I tell you that I’ve found a wonderful replica.

What Katie Did is a site full of faux vintage lingerie, corsets and stockings. Yum yum yum.

The swimming costume doesn’t come in white (a la Grace) but the shape is uber gorgeous and you just know it would look mazin on.

So many questions…

1. Did everyone know about Judith Leiber apart from me?
2. Does everyone think her handbags are super tacky, apart from me?
3. In Sex and the City when Big gives Carrie that icky tacky bag, is that Judith Leiber?
4. How will I survive without one of her rose bags?

Love love love. Check it

Me? Jealous? Noooooooooooo! You must be thinking of someone else

If you would like to be made DESPERATELY jealous of someone else’s career, read on!

Amy Hutson from started her career as a reporter in a sleepy town in Derbyshire, before writing features for women’s magazines and launching a weekly shopping supplement for a regional newspaper. Since then she has worked in marketing and PR and now runs the communications agency Gossip, from her office in sunny Brighton with a small team of professionals.

Day in the life

Every day in PR is different, but here is a typical day – last Friday to be exact.


I check for any urgent journalist requests, which could be a journalist looking for a price of a client’s product or wanting a sample to shoot for a feature in a magazine. Once I’ve dealt with anything urgent, I make a coffee and then start planning a press release on the launch of a jewellery range for a client. After having a chat with the client about the jewellery, I start thinking about interesting angles for the release that will grab the attention of the press.


I meet Kerryn, one of the lovely fashion assistants at Glamour magazine for lunch. We grab a big salad and a coffee in Starbucks, near the Glamour offices on Old Bond Street, and have a good catch up. Kerryn is about to start working on their Spring/Summer 10 stories, so she tells me what they’re looking for – in case any of our clients have anything relevant.


Next I go to meet client at their north London studio and we chat about some photo shoot ideas, over tea and chocolate biscuits. I also fall in love with nearly all the clothes in the studio. Holly has amazing taste!


I get a call from Grazia magazine. They urgently need a sample from a client, so I quickly get that organised while on my way back to the office.


After checking and replying to various emails from clients and journalists, I start planning an upcoming fashion show for a client, before heading home around 6pm.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! (and no, I couldn’t think of a more original title)

I have a friend who wears lots of lovely earrings.However, for a little while, she was the unfortunate victim of an add occurrence. Whenever she slept with someone she would lose one of a pair.

Obviously, the powers that be didn’t approve of her choice in gentlemen and decided to inflict this cruel, and undeniably unusual, punishment on her.

Now, however, if anyone else suffers a similar fate you’ll be pleased to know that Brilliant Inc has come up with the ingenious plan of selling single studs (to clarify – it’s the earring studs I’m talking about. Not the folk who caused the losing of earrings in the above stated case of my poor friend.) So when you lose one earring the other is not left destitute, but can be found a new playmate with which to be worn.

Excellent news all round.

Could it be magic?

Now I may have mentioned once or twice on this blog that I love magic and fairytales, and I like it very much when these are expressed in a wearable form.

Soooo, imagine my DELIGHT when I saw these frickin amazing rings by Theo Fennell. They make me feel funny in a good way, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I had these rings my life would be wonderful in every way. That I would be a better person and good things would happen to me and I would have adventures all the time.

I don’t want to like these…

… but I really do!

I think they’re lovely – they make me think of snow fights and marshmallows and hot chocolate and Christmas songs.

And I think I would look adorable in them.

Check out if you’d like to peruse other reluctant lovelies of a similar nature.