Me? Jealous? Noooooooooooo! You must be thinking of someone else

If you would like to be made DESPERATELY jealous of someone else’s career, read on!

Amy Hutson from started her career as a reporter in a sleepy town in Derbyshire, before writing features for women’s magazines and launching a weekly shopping supplement for a regional newspaper. Since then she has worked in marketing and PR and now runs the communications agency Gossip, from her office in sunny Brighton with a small team of professionals.

Day in the life

Every day in PR is different, but here is a typical day – last Friday to be exact.


I check for any urgent journalist requests, which could be a journalist looking for a price of a client’s product or wanting a sample to shoot for a feature in a magazine. Once I’ve dealt with anything urgent, I make a coffee and then start planning a press release on the launch of a jewellery range for a client. After having a chat with the client about the jewellery, I start thinking about interesting angles for the release that will grab the attention of the press.


I meet Kerryn, one of the lovely fashion assistants at Glamour magazine for lunch. We grab a big salad and a coffee in Starbucks, near the Glamour offices on Old Bond Street, and have a good catch up. Kerryn is about to start working on their Spring/Summer 10 stories, so she tells me what they’re looking for – in case any of our clients have anything relevant.


Next I go to meet client at their north London studio and we chat about some photo shoot ideas, over tea and chocolate biscuits. I also fall in love with nearly all the clothes in the studio. Holly has amazing taste!


I get a call from Grazia magazine. They urgently need a sample from a client, so I quickly get that organised while on my way back to the office.


After checking and replying to various emails from clients and journalists, I start planning an upcoming fashion show for a client, before heading home around 6pm.


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