Giving it some welly

As a born and bred Londoner, who now lives in Brighton and commutes to London, I am privvy to a few Brighton / London divides that the usual folk don’t get to see. Oh yes.

Anyhow, the biggest thing I have noticed recently is the disparity in attitude to wellies.

Now, I love a welly. I always have. One of my first memories is of a pair of rainbow wellies I had when I was about 3. I wore them every day and when I grew out of them I lied until it became obvious that my feet just didn’t fit in them and they were given away. I still remember the despair at knowing I wouldn’t see my beloveds again.

Which is why I’m over the moon when it gets a bit rainy and I can wear my new blue, sparkly with stars on wellies and go for a bit of puddle stomping. And the other day, unaware of the out and out prejudice I was about to face, I woke up to the sound of rain, put on my lovely wellies and stomped my way to the train station.

So far, so good. Lots of other sensible, puddle jumping, happy people adorned in their Wellingtons. But then… I arrive in London and it turns out it is absolutely FROWNED upon to wear a welly here. I started getting some very strange looks, from people whose jeans were trailing in the rain and were water logged up to their knees.

And the full on derision I faced arriving at work was astounding. It probs didn’t help that my office was quiet when I arrived and my wellies make a strange squeaking noise when I walk.

Anyway, I don’t have a point to make, or anything insightful to say. I just thought that was odd! Is this usual? Did I imagine it, or is there a full on divide? Maybe I’ll start a welly speakeasy in London, where other welly lovers can turn up in their high heels, then inside there’ll be loads of artificial puddles and everyone will covertly swap into their wellies and we’ll splash about! Maybe…


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