A day in the life of…

The wonderful Holly Pickering has been kind enough to share with us an insight into a day in her life as a vintage retailer at Freudian Slips. If that’s not enough to make you jealous, her studio is based in a converted chocolate factory. My life envy is complete.

A Day In the Life of Holly Pickering

“I always have my alarm set for an early start, but the alarm is usually beaten by Elvis, our large (think chubby Vegas period Elvis…) fluffy black and white cat, who has developed a great technique for waking me, which involves taking a flying leap from the floor to the bed, and is always effective!

“I love starting the day with BBC breakfast news on, as I like to catch up with what’s happening in the world, so I grab coffee and muesli in front of the television, before dashing out of the door. A few mornings a week I pull on my trainers and head out for a run before work, I’d love to be able to say that I run every day, but in truth I only ever seem able to squeeze in a few sessions each week…. I’m lucky that the Freudian Slips Vintage studio is only a short bus journey away, which I am always grateful for, after ten years commuting on packed tubes in my previous life as a fashion designer. I often pick up some flowers for the studio or have freshly cleaned vintage pieces to collect from our favourite dry cleaner en route, so I always seem to arrive at the studio laden with bags!

“I launched Freudian Slips Vintage several years ago, selling vintage fashion and accessories via our website, and due to the websites popularity last November we moved into our current studio, located in a wonderful converted Chocolate Factory, which has been split into light filled units.

“Once I arrive at the studio the first job is to switch our little retro Bush radio on to Radio 2, and sit down to work through any urgent emails. As many of our regular customers hail from the U.S or even further afield, we often also have international orders to process due to the time differences.

“I then work through the day’s shipping, with assistance from my lovely interns, and the studio is temporarily filled with packing boxes and reams of pink tissue paper. As with most small businesses every day is different. The afternoon will either be filled with photographing new vintage finds, adding new pieces to the Freudian Slips website, or steaming and inspecting new pieces fresh from a recent buying trip.

“In May this year we launched a Private Appointments service at the studio, to allow customers to come in and try on vintage pieces, and to enable stylists and designers to select pieces and view new finds that may not have made it on to the website yet, so many afternoons will also fly by as we help clients to find their perfect vintage pieces. Client appointments are one of my favourite parts of the week, whether it’s helping a ‘bride to be’ find the vintage 1930’s bias cut dress that she’s been dreaming of, or a frantic few hours spent helping a styling team find vintage looks perfect for a celebrity client or a vintage themed photoshoot.

“The end of the working day always seems to arrive much quicker than expected, and after another quick round of emails, I jump back on the bus. My husband and I both love to cook, so we try to make something fairly healthy most nights, so most of our early evening is spent in the kitchen.

“I usually finish the evening watching my current US drama addictions, or catching up with episodes I’ve missed. I’m a great list maker, so I often scribble a quick ‘to do’ list for the next day before heading to bed and dreaming of vintage ballgowns!”


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