High (store) society

Do you ever need a bit of fashion advice and don’t know where to turn? Maybe your friends aren’t quite as concerned about your worries of wearing too many sequins and feathers in one outfit? Or, you’re a fashion genius and want to show off your good taste a little bit? Or, (last made up situation I promise) you’re stuck in a style rut and fancy a bit of inspiration on new trends and shops?

Well. There’s a website for that. Indeed, a social network – this is the age of web2.0 y’know (I sneer at web1.0 I really do).

storesociety.com is a new website connecting a community of fashion-lovers to the latest fashion from stores and boutiques. By joining storesociety.com you can share your outfits, thoughts and questions with thousands of members who are as excited about shopping as you are. The site provides an eclectic mix of fashion worn by real people, not models; where you can search the best of the high street as recommended by people like you.

The concept for the site was created by 21 year old Kristina O’Connor (daughter of TV entertainer and singer Des O’Connor) who saw the potential of a site where members can upload and tag photographs of their new purchases and share their coolest looks with a network of friends similarly passionate about fashion and style. The site uses a combination of features you’ll already be used to on Facebook, Twitter and Google but is dedicated to giving you an instant fashion fix every time you visit storesociety.com.

In summary:

a) This is a very good idea and lots of fun

b) Why does everyone who comes up with good ideas seem to be very young indeed? Why wasn’t that me?


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