Fantasy / delusional shopping

I have a slight problem. I am in the unfortunate situation that:

a) My favourite things include sequins and feathers and Topshop

b) Topshop is overflowing with sequins and feathers

c) I walk past the Topshop on Oxford Street every day to get to work

d) I have no pennies for spending on sequins and feathers

So, my current hobby is fantasy shopping on the Topshop website – pretending that I have lots of money and can buy what I like. Curiously, when I imagine I can have everything I tend to become a bit more discerning and only go for the things I love rather than a desperate I WANT haul.

Here’s a little look at my latest day dream. My favourite bits are the feather collar (turns out I can’t write ‘collar’ without writing ‘colour’ twice first and deleting it) – because it’s so practical – and the sequin harlequin jacket – I seem to be having a bit of a harlequin loving phase.


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