Trick or treat!

Are you as tired as I am of Halloween being a time when people basically wear there underwear with nothing else and try far too hard to be sexy? For reference please see this clip from the wonderful Mean Girls:

Well, here are a couple of lovely, stylish, outfits that you can wear and hold your head high. And then you can wear them again and again as normal outfits – and call yourself a wonderful name like ‘recessionista’ because you are not condoning the throwaway culture of fashion (applicable also to fancy dress I hope – otherwise my point is redundant and I’ve been waiting months to be able to say recessionista.)

USC’s new range, fronted by the oddly compelling Pixie Geldof, offers a couple of Halloween gems, and Swedish brand Smooph dishes up this gorgeous Grecian inspired drape dress that can happily be vamped up with some hot red nail varnish and devil horns.

Pics below! Also, if you fancy a bit of silly you can haul ass to the children’s section and deck yourself out as a pumpkin.

AND, as no fashion blog post on Halloween would be worth its salt without some stats, here you go!

Online shopping search engine Twenga has kindly informed me of the top shopping trends you will be seeing this Halloween:

Top 5 Adult Costumes
1. Kill Bill
2. Sally Nightmare Before Christmas
3. The Beatles
4. Jack Skellington
5. Ninja Turtles

Top 5 Costume Masks
1. Batman
2. Wolf
3. The Dark Night – Joker
4. Obama
5. Elvis


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