An ode…

I never knew what a big jewellery fan I was until I started writing this blog. I really didn’t think I’d write about it much at all, but it kind of dominates a lot of my posts.

Funnily enough (well, actually, not particularly funny), I don’t wear much jewellery. I’m genuinely too lazy to put it on and take it off again – I had to start only buying long necklaces that I don’t have to do up and undo because I found the clasps too boring for my teeny tiny attention span.

Anyhow – is like catnip to me. I love it. It has Alex Monroe, Butler and Wilson, Dogeared, Leandra Holder and more more more! Whenever I look on there I find new jewellery designers to add to my list of favourites. And it has a brilliant mix of fun and silly (see the Butler and Wilson duck brooch and Leandra Holder Cowboys and Indians Gumball necklace), high fashion (See the Fiona Paxton range) and simple, classic pieces (I’m thinking the Angie Gooderham silver shell pendant and the Dogeared sterling silver karma circle bracelet.)

Here are some things I love more than the world. Please be warned – this may go on and on.


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