A day in the life of…

In an exciting new twist, I will be posting a few ‘day in the life features’ from folk in the fashion industry showing us mere mortals what it’s really like to be an uber glamorous fashion-type.

The first kind person giving us an insight into their life is Sian Foster – an ex-high-flying marketing exec who has set up the jewellery business ella georgia, named after her daughter.

(NB – The ‘ex’ applies to ‘marketing exec’, not high-flying. I am sure she is still very high-flying indeed.)

I’ve also included a few of my favourite pieces from the site below.

A day in the life of …..

The alarm always wakes me from a deep sleep at 6.00am every day ( – probably as I am a terror for burning the midnight oil). After taking a few moments to come round there is the sound of small feet from across the landing – it’s my daughter Ella (Age 5) bounding in to bed for a morning cuddle. Always full of the joys of spring, she never fails to put a smile on my face and get my day off to a great start.

We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast (– toast and honey and a homemade smoothie!) and time to read together before the school run at 8.40am. With a quick catch up in the school playground with other mums, it’s a five minute drive along tree lined country roads to open up the shop.

With 5 minutes to grab a large latte from ‘Bowe and Co’ our local deli (- to set me up for the day) it’s time to turn over the sign on the shop door -‘ to open’ and welcome our first customers of the day.

‘ella georgia’ – opened only a couple of months ago and business continues to go from strength to strength. We work with over 40 designers worldwide and our collection of ethically sourced jewellery and accessories are all handmade.

First things first – I pack up the internet orders from last night and drop them down to our local post office – a haven for keeping up with the ‘high street gossip’. Each and every day is different but helping customers to find the perfect gift or helping husbands select a gorgeous present for their loved one is always a real treat.

Our ethos – ‘nothing is too much trouble’ means that I am often busy in the workshop making personal commissions for customers or ordering bespoke pieces from the designers we work with.

With Christmas looming, the planning of new displays and searching for new designers and unusual pieces is almost a full time occupation!

It never ceases to amaze me how time flies – and I find its time to put up a little sign in the window “on the school run back at 3.45pm! – I must be the only shop that has to shut for 20 minutes so I can dash to collect my daughter from school.

Back at the shop we get ready for the next day – Ella is a great help – especially when installing new and creative window displays or sketching out new designs – somehow with age we loose the randomness of design that comes to children with such ease – so with Ella’s flare we get to create some great new pieces.

5.30pm – after a busy day and it’s time to close and go for a walk down by the river before tea. A two minute walk up the high street takes us home (a three story town house overlooking the river with an air of tranquillity – my love of white walls and pieces of art throughout makes it a joy to be home). Peter our rabbit is fed and watered and Ella does her homework while I cook tea. After bed, bath and a story Ella is fast asleep and I settle back to work with time to catch up on emails and to plan ahead.

It’s not uncommon to be up till the small hours, but my real treat, if I am strict with myself is slipping under the covers with a really good book and drifting off in to a deep and relaxed sleep. Until a new day begins.


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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece and for your support it is hugely appreciated. Warmest Wishes

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