Buy jewellery, save lives. Win win

Because I’m a worthy sort, I thought I’d let y’all know about a couple of ways you can buy pretty things AND donate to charity, all in one go. It’s all about multitasking you see.

Firstly, the jewellery brand, Allumer, has launched two exclusive designs in support of the national children’s charity, Jeans for Genes. Anyone who’s school used to let them wear jeans on one special day of the year to raise money for Jeans for Genes will have fond memories of this charity. Although, for too many years my jeans were of the elasticated waist band variety. This memory is not so fond.

Jeans for Genes raises money for the care and support of children with genetic disorders, and research into the causes of and these conditions and potential treatments.

The two pieces are:
TANZANITE BUTTON – Gold button with a tanzanite stone, echoing the jeans rivet which forms the charity’s logo. Retail price £155.00
XY XX FLICKER OF LIGHT – The Flicker necklace carries ‘XY’ when flicked, spins to reveal ‘XX’, representing both the male and female chromosomes. Retail price £130.00
£10.00 from the sale of each item will be donated to Jeans for Genes.

Secondly, ASOS is stocking a ring designed by le famous Stephen Webster to raise awareness of malaria to UK travellers. It’s being sold for £50 with ALL proceeds going to the charity Malaria No More UK and will be available from 1st October. I’m particularly impressed by this as it’s so rare to find partnerships where the entirety of proceeds go to the charity.

Hope this leads to some guilt free, charitable shopping experiences! Remember the karma points that you need to collect in time for Christmas (no? Am going to have to start doing pop quizzes on all my posts to make sure you are paying attention. See here for a tiny reminder.)


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