This little lady went to LFW – and got a bit scared!

So, this is my first post in frickin forever. I have also noticed that when I’m writing I have a horrible tendency to start every paragraph with ‘So,’. Must rectify.

(So,) I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week last weekend – unfortunately not because of my status as a star blogger, but because I’m currently working with a fashion client and went along to do some filming.

Rabbit in headlights goes a little way to describe how I felt. The people were mean, the PRs were snidey, everyone pushed and shoved and all the shows started five minutes after each other in distant locations. At the time, I hated most of it. In retrospect, it was amazing. I expect a lot of people have the same reaction. My lingering memory, as the scars from the mean people and general disapproving looks start to fade, is the excitement and energy as the shows start, the music pumps out and the first model hits the catwalk. I hadn’t expected to get so much of a rush out of it.

Anyway, a quick round up of the shows I saw will follow.Slight picture fail for Hannah Marshall and Pam Hogg shows but trying to rectify!


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