Put your hands on your hips and tell me – it’s all over – do be doooo be do

First it was the models. That’s understandable – it’s their job to pose. So they put their hands on their hips, enhancing their tininess, and one leg in front of the other. Then the slebs caught on and in all the red carpet pictures everyone was standing in exactly the same way – hands on hips, one leg slightly in front of the other etc etc. Bit annoying but I get it – they’re in the limelight all day every day, people pick apart those pictures so you might as well pose away.

But now EVERYONE is at it. As soon as a camera is out everyone adopts the same stance. We’re just in a bar, the pictures will go no further than Facebook, no one is judging you. Please, dear lord, leave your hands by your side, give us a cheesy grin and get over it. Let’s bring back the silly, yes?

Phew – that’s been on my mind for quite some time.

katy perry classic hands on hips pose


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