Be still my beating heart – Cocosa is my new vice of choice

At the end of this post there is a lovely treat for iwouldcoco readers! Just thought I would put that upfront in case you get bored half way through. Though, as this is likely to only be a couple of paragraphs long I would have to question your attention span.

Anyway – the skinny is (see how I just said ‘the skinny is’? I am hip no? Will try to describe something nice as fierce soon) my eyes have been opened to, an exclusive (gosh – just the word exclusive makes my heart beat a little faster) fashion club that offers its members inside access to designer labels at sale prices. gives its members access to designer clothes and accessories from past and present collections, and offers them to its members for up to 50% to 80% off.

Each sale is announced to members in advance by e-mail, is focused on one specific leading designer brand at a time and is available online for 48 hours. Previous collections include Christian Lacroix, Sonia Rykiel and Jonathan Saunders amongst others with future sales including Matthew Williamson. Eeeeeeeeeee!

Now for the treat (don’t pretend that’s not why you read the whole post.) Anyone that signs up to Cocosa using invite code ‘Coco’ (that’s me! Fame at long, long last) will receive a voucher for £15 to use on the site. You will be able to see this at the checkout stage – there’s just a little tick box to claim the voucher.

Enjoy – keep me updated with your purchases!


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