Simply lovely!

Might just be me, but when I hear ‘pop up store’ I get a teeny bit excited. It kind of feels like covert shopping, a little bit like you’re in on a secret. The slight problem is that I get over excited and this, coupled with the ‘oh em gee this place isn’t going to be here forever’ factor, means sometimes I buy more than I strictly should. Dang.

Sooo the reason you’re having a very interesting insight into my thoughts on pop up stores is that My Lovely Jean is introducing a, yes – you guessed it!, pop up store in Topshop in Oxford Circus on September 14 for 4 weeks.

The collection focuses on rebellion – destroyed denim with studs (oh dear lord I’m loving studs at the moment) and a hint of the 80s. There are boyfriend jeans for the casual folk and fitted, masculine blazers and pencil skirts for the smart types.

In the immortal words of children’s television presenters the world over – be there or be square! Word.


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