Zoe Tees, then I take it all too seriously, then some pics

I may be a tiny bit out of the loop and slow to jump on this one but Zoe Tees, a luxury t-shirt company, has teamed up with Gwyneth Paltrow to create a fairly gorgeous range of simple, comfortable and chic clothing.

Looking through the collection the pieces that stand out to me are the one shouldered black maxi dress and the studded vest (pictures of both below). But then you see the price tag. – there aren’t too many people that can afford to spend £138 on a black vest top. It raises the debate as to how the recession should be shaping our shopping habits. On the one hand, we are a nation of consumers and are addicted to buying, buying, buying. This does not accommodate spending £138 on a vest top. But on the other hand, surely le credit crunch should be teaching us that we need to buy only quality items that we will use again and again. By investing in a timeless, unlikely to break the moment you wear it, piece surely you are being more economical than subscribing to the ‘buy as much as you can’ attitude that has been drilled into us? More and more this is the stance that I am taking.

Up to you to decide, but to lighten the mood here are some pics.

Zoe Tees can be bought from www.matchesfashion.com


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