Once upon a time…

I’ve always loved fairy tales – anything from Cinderella to Harry Potter. Basically, throw in some unicorns and castles and I’m pretty much sold.

Increasingly, fantasy is having an impact on the catwalk – from John Galliano’s Russian folk-style princesses to Gareth Pugh’s video showcase, citing The Wizard of Oz as a chief inspiration. Perhaps le credit crunch is making us all yearn for magic and fun times? Or maybe, like me, you always want that anyway?

Fairy tales and the fantastical are the dominant theme in the new Galibardy jewellery range. There is a clear influence from Alice in Wonderland (white rabbits and playing cards adorn the chunky rings) as well as more traditional fairy tale imagery of castles and roses featuring prominently in the collection.

These pieces are juxtaposed with bold designs, including stag head necklaces and rings and a dinosaur and human skull necklace. If you want to look too deeply into this and read in meaning that probably isn’t there, which of course I do, this reflects the darker side of fairy tales that you normally only realise is there when you’re an adult and look back on your favourite childhood stories (making a witch dance on hot coals anyone? – if you don’t remember I think that’s Snow White.)

And if that isn’t enough for you there are also cakes and tiny tea pots. Nuff said.

Looking through the site I was fairly delighted to see that the prices are incredibly reasonable – starting at around £7.50 and not ever really going above £30. The site itself is easy to use, although I would have liked the option to view all at once rather than having to filter by necklace, earrings and rings (do correct me if I’m wrong and missed this option though!)

I tried to pick out a couple of my favourite bits but got a tiny bit carried away, so here are quite a few!


One response to “Once upon a time…

  1. How cool are these necklaces?! I want the deer skull one and I’m a bloke


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