26 – One foot in the grave

I fairly recently turned 26. I didn’t think it was that big a deal. Yes – now when I fill out forms I have to tick the 26-30 box, but so what? 30 isn’t exactly derelict either is it?

But the more fashion magazines I see the more it is drilled into my head that, in terms of the fashion world, I might as well just start wearing slippers and a stained dressing gown and be done with it.

I read an article the other day (I can’t remember where but I’ll update if I do) about trying to stay chic when you hit 26. Eh? I don’t look any different from your average 25 year old. I didn’t realise there was any kind of cut off point for clothes in your mid-twenties.

But yesterday I was reading the ‘fashion jury’ section of Grazia – in which those in the know make bitchy / sycophantic comments on celebrities’ outfits.

The first celebrity was Taylor Momsen. Admittedly she’s only 16, but she does dress like someone much older. Now, a short black t-shirt dress, high-heeled boots and a stripy jacket isn’t something I would expect to be told I shouldn’t wear. But the expert comment was ‘Anyone over 25 beware, this look has an age limit.’

Now, I am aware that I am being overly sensitive and it may just have been a passing comment (not so passing when written up and printed though.) But my gripe isn’t with this one comment. It’s with the multitude of little niggling mentions that build up and make you think ‘Balls. 26 and now it’s over.’

And why on earth should we think that? Fashion is about having fun and feeling comfortable and happy. There are plenty of under 25s that would look dreadful in this outfit, and then plenty of 40 year-olds who could pull it off with confidence and style.

So let’s not do this to ourselves! Let’s not spend the majority of our lives feeling like we are too old or past it. I’m in danger of becoming a letter to the editor pest but I really think this notion that you can be fashionable for ten minutes when you’re 24-25, having a good hair day, have had 7.5 hours sleep exactly and have eaten nothing but grapefruit and salmon for the past month (or whatever the new diet fad is) HAS TO STOP.

Deep breath. Rant over. Ish.

taylor main


2 responses to “26 – One foot in the grave

  1. Love this post – you hit the nail on the head. Fashion editors and writers like to lump everything into a box and are too stupid to think outside it – hence silly comments like the one in Grazia. Funny I read that too last week and thought the exact same thing. I’m only 29, most people think I’m 24 and I get ID’d loads. I won’t be getting my slippers out yet (unless they’re fluffy high heeled AP ones of course)

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